Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello from Hong Kong!

There is a lack of posts on my part because I'm traveling! I was in Taiwan for a few days and currently in Hong Kong with my parents for 4 days! This is one of the first trips my parents have taken out of the country without a tour so it is our job (with a lot of David's effort and all the suggestions we have received) to make this trip worthwhile for them.

I've eaten like a hundred meals already since I've arrived and my tummy has incited questions about a possible pregnancy. That's not a good sign.

Here are some of the pictures I already shared on Instagram. 

Hopefully I will be able to write a post about Hong Kong (after finishing my posts about Iceland?!)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

#TBT=My #ThrowbackTravels #24: Pudong, Shanghai

Putong, Shanghai

I have nice memories of Shanghai. Like this beer bottle opener looking building (Shanghai World Financial center) and oh yes, how my friend and I sneaked into the Grand Hyatt's pool in our underwear before concierge kicked us out. That's in the building (Jin Mao) on the left.

Inside the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

nykeiko shops: Elizabeth and James sample sale [October 2014 NYC sample sale]

Sample dress at the Elizabeth and James sample sale
I checked out the Elizabeth and James sample sale last night. Here's my review on Racked.
I came out empty-handed mostly due to many factors. I was too tired and lazy to try clothes on, the prices weren't spectacular and I was in a rush to go downtown to purchase a gift for my dad.

Monday, October 6, 2014

nykeiko eats: Japanese comfort food at Kissaten Jin [Harlem]

Kissaten Jin
Ramen, ramen, ramen, I love ramen. I was craving for some ramen the other night (I crave ramen a lot) and Jin Ramen seemed to be the only ramen in our neighborhood in Harlem. Of course, it wasn't close by but since it was early in the day, we took a nice long stroll to 125th and Broadway which was about 30-minute walk away. It was a beautiful evening after it had rained all day and we enjoyed strolling hand-in-hand through Striver's Row, St-Nicholas Park, City College of New York and discussing Harlem's potential and how great that we live here.

When we got to Jin Ramen, an unexpected line had already formed outside. It was still early in the evening we thought but hey, if you're close to Colombia University and the only ramen joint around, you're going to get a lot of business. To our delight, Kissaten Jin which is next door, had a shorter wait and a menu that excited me more. What caught my eye on the menu? The Sake Ikura don. Sake and Ikura are possibly my two favorite japanese word. I love salmon and salmon roe and on rice? Perfect! If I moved to Japan, I think I'd eat dons all the time! What a great comfort food.

I ordered one $12 Donburin set (which includes a miso soup and salad) and extra salmon for $8 so Dave can enjoy it too. He ordered a Ikura Oroshi Soba with extra side of beef. Dave initially wanted to try the Obanzai set which sounded great but was deterred when there was limit on protein dishes. He wanted all the protein dishes. Maybe next time we will try other dishes but now I know where I can go to tame my salmon cravings.

The menu...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Souvenirs from Iceland...Not what you're expecting

I will be featuring a couple of things I brought back from Iceland...

I got two bottles of Nutella. Not what you're expecting right? I have been obsessed with trying European Nutella. Apparently it tastes better! The only difference I can see in the ingredient is vegetable oil being used instead of palm oil. I don't have any American one to have a taste off but I like what I taste so far.  I actually have not bought a bottle of Nutella for a really long time.

I know, Iceland is probably not the best place to purchase this but this was the first time we ever set foot in Europe. It was less than $5 for a 400 g jar at a local grocery store (Bonus). Now that I think about it, I could probably find a grocery store in New York city that imports these? But with two stores dedicated to serving Nutella, it's probably a rare find.

Totally enjoying it, so totally worth it for me.