Saturday, November 5, 2016

nykeiko shops: The Row sample sale 2016 NYC

This is a late post about last week's The Row sample sale so it is more of a journal entry for future reference (with pictures of course!). This is probably the fourth sample sale I have attended this year. I know, shocking right? This is compared to my going on an average of 4-5 samples per month last year. I just don't have the time like I used to. Oh well. Maybe my new shopping game plan is to go on the last day of a sale which is usually on the weekend and additional markdowns are taking place. That's the reason I went to The Row sample sale. I went on the last day of the sale, just five hours before closing when they had just marked everything down. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

nykeiko travels and plays: Citizen M Tower of London flagship hotel grand opening

It’s a bit strange for me to write about our trip to London when I haven’t even finished writing about our trips to Iceland and Hong Kong from two years ago. I also failed to write a detailed post about my trip to Japan with my parents last spring and me and Dave’s Euro trip last fall. I guess since this is the most recent trip on my mind, it’s easier for me to sit down and rehash the tales.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

nykeiko travels: Box Park-A one stop spot for shopping and eating in Shoreditch, London

Last month, Dave and I went to London for 7 days! I'm writing a whole post about it but first, I wanted to share some snippets...

On our way to CitizenM Shoreditch, a tar black, two-floor building structure stood out on the corner of Bethnal Green Road and Shoreditch High Street. Box Park (link is only a couple of minutes walk from CitizenM and I was very excited to meet it. Shopping and eating in one place- I love it!

nykeiko travels: Ever-changing art of Leake street graffiti tunnel in London

Last month, Dave and I went to London for 7 days! I'm writing a whole post about it but first, I wanted to share some snippets...

Our plan to go see the London Eye deviated a little when Dave mentioned something he wanted to see nearby. “It’s a hidden tunnel full of graffitis inspired by Banksy.” At the sound of that, I was definitely no longer interested in the London Eye and wanted to check out this art tunnel I knew nothing about. I took a picture of the famous giant wheel contraption from afar and we continued walking.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

nykeiko travels: Good ol' Quebec city

Back in July, Dave and I drove up to Montreal to visit friends and family. There, we introduced S to everyone and took millions of pictures. I was afraid visiting so many people would take a toll on us but we managed fine day by day and S was such a trooper. In the middle of it all, we planned a little getaway to Québec city with my sister. Only a 3 hour drive from Montreal and spending three days there seem more than enough to enjoy the city. We would eat and play as we pleased. I haven't been back to Québec city since my collegiate days so it's really nice to go back to revisit it as an "adult". We did everything minus all the tourist spots. Well, we meant to be tourists but other things got in the way like rain and hunger. We did spend a day in Île d'Orléans (a short drive from Québec city) which I have never visited before. We also visited the "hip" areas of Québec city that only Dave could find.