Tuesday, May 10, 2016

nykeiko plays: Salon de Tokyo for no-frill massages

When I mentioned I was in desperate need of a massage, the husband totally delivered. Of course it would be great if he could give me a massage himself but he knew better then to lend his own hands to do the job. Instead, he found me my new favorite no-frill massage place in the heart of the city. It’s called Salon de Tokyo. Just the name excites me. Anything related to Japan makes me happy. When I walked in and was greeted by a Japanese staff, I knew I was in for some quality service. The place is clean and quiet. You’re quickly ushered into a coed changing room (I didn't know it was coed at the time. I thought it was funny when an old grandpa saw me walk down the narrow hallway in my towel and then I saw him with his after my session! I was glad it was just me in the changing room though!). You can take a quick shower or enjoy the saunas before you enter your private room for your massage.  Since I arrived a bit late, I was plopped on a table right away with barely any instructions.

The salon is known for their traditional shiatsu massage with FEET (non-stinky is the bonus), which gives you deeper pressure to relieve all your aches and pains. My therapist asked me how I found out about the place. I told her it was a Mother's day treat from the hubby and that he had been here years ago to use up a gift certificate. She mentioned the place has been opened since 1971. I was impressed! Something that last this long is definitely good! 

Maybe I was in desperate need of a massage but it just felt so, so good. As soon as my therapist began decompressing my back, tears came out of my eye socket and soaked my face towel. Yes, I cried a little. Whatever heaven felt like, this was it. I loved the pain she caused me. This is the only time I will let someone's foot touch me for this long and me wanting MORE of it. I absolutely loved my 90-minute session (which I thought ended way too fast! I’m so greedy!) and would definitely go back. *HINT HINT DAVID!* But now that I know this place exists, I can take myself there. He just needs to babysit for a bit :) The price isn't too shabby neither. A one-hour massage cost $70/hour. They also do home or hotel visits for $85/hour and you just have to pay for the therapist’s cab fare.

I also enjoyed leaving the floor.  I was stuck for a little bit trying to find the elevator buttons. Finally spotted them between two exit doors a few steps away! Like, so not obvious at all.

Oh, this is still my fave cheapo place for a foot massage in Chinatown.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

nykeiko eats: Bibble and Sip!

Bibble and Sip-Earl grey and Matcha puff
I follow many food-fantastic Instagram accounts operated by local and traveling foodies. I love to drool over pictures of delicious food and torture myself when I scroll down my feed all day long. Anyway, from time to time, something catches my eye.

I spotted these pretty pastries on someone’s Insta. What are these tasty looking buns (yes, yes, I know how it sounds like)? I see someone else post about these puffs a few days later and then a video. I am intrigued and look for more pictures. The puffs looked so good with its goo-y center and I wanted to try them ASAP. I thought Bibble and Sip was a brand new coffee place but turns out they have been open for a while now but I just caught wind a bit later.

I immediately ask a friend who lives close to Bibble and Sip to go with me. Of course, she tells me that it is already her go-to coffee joint but to my surprise, she has never tried the puffs before! We decide to go on a weekday and at off-hours, to beat the crowd. I knew that was a smart decision on our part when I passed by on a Saturday afternoon a week later and the line was out the door!

We try the matcha puff and the earl grey puff and I buy extra ones to bring home for the husband (I'm a good wife!). There were other treats that piqued our interest but they were already sold out. We paired our treats with some delicious smooth lattes. I try the jasmine matcha latte but since I asked to keep it as unsweetened as possible, they layed off too much of the jasmine syrup (since that's where all the sugar was) and it was basically a matcha latte in the end. The place was a bit crowded and full so we decided to take our treats on the go and finally took a bite back at my friend’s apartment. 

Between the green tea and Earl grey puff, we preferred the Earl Grey more but I liked the crispy tops on both of them. What I also liked about them was they weren’t super sweet and you feel like it’s okay to have more than one. I'm not sure if I'd wait in line to give the puffs another try but I feel like they are good treats to buy and share with friends. You just can't find them anywhere else in the city. 

Hot warmer days a' coming! Protect your skin!

I don't leave the house without putting sunscreen on. To make things easier, my daily moisturizer contains sunscreen so it doesn't take any effort for me. Now that Summer is finally making an appearance (the weather is so effed up!), we can finally go out and play more often.

I wanted you guys to take advantage of an offer by Tatcha for a very limited time only. From April 24 to the 28th, with any purchase of $100 or more on Tatcha.com, you can receive a deluxe travel size tube of Tatcha's Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 35. Simply use the code SPFMINI at checkout.

Last year, I received a tube of the sunscreen to try out and loved it. Even though I was only able to use it a couple of times before I lost it along with my stolen bag in Europe last September :( I liked the featherweight formula and it wasn't too greasy for me which is always my concern with sunscreens. And yes, it is great under makeup. It actually made it easier to slather my foundation over flawlessly! Give it a try! Most importantly, protect your skin!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

nykeiko shops: My recent sample sale buys! [Sweet William and Story]

Story Sample sale 2016 . $5 Christmas stuff

I've wind down on sample sale reporting lately. Last month I covered Cosabella (report here) which is always a fun one but I never get anything because for the sake of comfort, I rather wear my granny panties then sexy lacy pieces . (Sorry husband!) I did however receive a free pair of thong so I still end up with something sexy which I SHOULD wear to feel human again. Lately nursing has made me feel like a milking cow. A feeling mutually shared amongst all breastfeeding mothers out there. Anyway, I do manage to escape for a couple of hours so I can do my own thing and sample sale shopping is still very much one of my job/hobbies. Here are two sales I hit up in March.

Monday, February 29, 2016

NYFW: Marchesa Fall 2016 [New York Fashion Week Fall 2016]

Ummmmm yea, this happened two weeks ago but just had time to upload my pictures and post now.
The Marchesa show was the third and last show I attended during New York Fashion Week. I also attended Herve Leger the week before but couldn't get one single good picture from where I sat.

I loooved the Marchesa show. The venue was smaller and got to be closer to the runway which was nice since the dresses are definitely very detail-oriented. The dresses were so yummy and dreamy. I was reminded about writing this post when I saw pictures of Heidi Klum wearing one of the dresses to the Oscars last night, probably straight from the runway! See more pics after the jump...