Friday, August 12, 2016

nykeiko plays: Cooper Hewitt museum NYC -August 2016

A hot Saturday with a chance of rain brought us to the Cooper Hewitt museum on the Upper East Side. Ok, more like Dave found out Bank of America card holders can get free access and so we decided to go. 

This is my first time at Cooper Hewitt and I quite enjoyed it. I kind of liked the smallness of the museum since larger museums (like the Met) become overwhelming and gets tiring after a bit. This museum is set in an old ha-uge mansion so it's big but not quite big.The day we visited, they were offering all visitors this digital pen with which you can digitally collect and record all the art you see during your visit. Every art piece has a label where you can align with you pen to save the piece. 
You are given a code which is linked with your pen so that after the visit, you can click here, type in your code and see all the objects/art you saved. I think it's kind of great to be able to save your visit this way. Sometimes I don't have the patience to read the art description on the spot or remember what I am reading anyway but with this, I can go home and take another look at all the stuff I saw that day. Like, oh, what was the name of that piece I liked again? Bam! I can find out right away (well, only if I remembered to save it).  You can also see some stats from that day if you like that type of stuff are. For example, the number of people who saved the same piece, your visit duration, what time you saw that piece, etc. You were also able to use the pen to play with these oversized interactive touchscreens where you can see what you collected on your pen or use it to design your own chair, hat, vase etc. People seemed to be into it. 

Anyhoo, here are some memorable pieces I liked: 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

nykeiko eats: Yummy Harbs carbs and Royal milk tea

Look at this nice tall handsome glass of milk tea. It is not just any type of milk tea, it's ROYAL milk tea. It's creamy, flavorful and goes down nice and smooth. It's also iced but not just any ice, it's iced milk so it maintains that rich creamy flavor of your ROYAL milk tea. Oh and it's a $8 glass of milk tea.

(I had to Google what is the difference between milk tea and Royal milk tea. It's all in the tea making process! You have the ordinary way of making tea (boil water, pour over leaves, add milk) and then the royal way is boiling the tea directly in milk to serve! That's why it's extra creamy!)

We went to HARBS on the upper east side. We met up with Dave's cousin this past weekend and has no specific plans in mind. When we were thinking of things to do, I just blurted out that I wanted cake. Well, someone mentioned cake and I stuck with it. The cousin mentioned there was a new cafe on the UES. He's like "I know this Japanese cafe that serves Japanese cakes and Japanese drinks and ..." He need not say more. SOLD! Japanese sweets! Let's go! I am all in! We even walked 15 blocks and 2 aves with a 15 lbs baby in tow to go taste it.

Monday, August 8, 2016

nykeiko eats: ROKC my tummy (Ramen, Oysters, Kitchen, Cocktails, oh my!)

Sapporo ramen from ROKC

There is a new ramen joint I want to talk about. You must be thinking, “Not another ramen restaurant in New York!” Well this one is a little different. I mean they all are, with their own specialties. The name of the restaurant pretty much sums up their menu-ROKC stands for ramen, oysters, kitchen and cocktails. Yup, a ramen place with a raw bar and cocktails!  Here, you can have a glass of Sazerac with your ramen. Now that I have been to ROKC four times now since June, it would be a good idea for me to write about why I love this place!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I miss my mommy...

This is me and my mommy. Dave took a picture of a picture because he thought I looked so cute in it. But the person I can't stop looking at is my mom.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

nykeiko plays: Garden NYC - Getting a haircut in Tokyo…well, almost.

A bathroom selfie with new haircut

There are over hundreds of hair salons in New York City and picking a place to try is usually based on a friend’s recommendation or looking at Yelp reviews. I’ll be your friend and help you out. I recently visited Garden NYC and I think you should try it too!

Now, what makes this hair salon a little different from others out there is that most of the hair stylists are part-timers. They travel back and forth between Tokyo to New York every couple of month. They have multiple salons in Tokyo and Garden NYC is their first salon outside Japan. So in some ways, you’re basically getting a haircut in Japan..without having to go to Japan