Thursday, August 21, 2014

#TBT=#ThrowbackTravels #20 : Peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yunnan, China

I'm posting many TBT from Asia but sheesh, China puts on the most breathtaking 'nature shows' all the time!

The only time I saw the peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain during our stay was when we were leaving Lijiang. I took this picture from the window on the back of the bus.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A tinsy peek inside the Céline outlet store [Woodbury Common Premium Outlets]

We made a short trip to Woodbury Common outlets on our way back from Poughkeepsie this past Saturday (We visited the Walkway over the Hudson bridge.) Dave's mom needed to find a dress for an upcoming wedding and we were just happy to tag along (me happier than Dave to be exact). Even if we were there for a couple of hours, Dave's mom came out empty handed. Dave and I purchased 4 pairs of Smartwool socks at 50% off for our upcoming backpacking trip. The discount on these socks were more exciting to me than any other sales at the outlet. It is no doubt due to all the sample sales that I have access to which has made me indifferent to these outlet "deals". However, I know that there are some brands that do not host public sample sales- like Céline which only hosts private sales- so knowing there was a Céline outlet store picked my curiosity.

Céline is the first store I popped into, curious to see what was offered. I would have taken more pictures if the sales rep didn't stop me. She did offer to email me pictures of the items I wanted but I politely declined. I was hoping to take a peek at the price tags on some handbags. The trio and luggage handbags were not available but I did spot a few decent trapeze bags and red chain flap bags lying around. There were also many colorblock leathers pieces, totes, some shoes (heels and boots), sunglasses and clothing to shop. Still too pricy for me but a good deal for the fans!

Spring 2013 furry Céline shoes are $2850 from $4750. I wonder how many of these were ever sold at retail price?

Monday, August 18, 2014

nykeiko eats: Dinner at Ponty Bistro [Harlem, NYC]

Ze menu 'Ponty Bistro' in Harlem 

A new restaurant 'Ponty Bistro' just opened in our neighborhood almost two weeks ago and it took us no time to give it a try. It's a Senegalese French restaurant which has another established restaurant downtown by Gramercy Park. This one is only two blocks away from our apartment so there was no excuse not to check it out. It's so brand spankin' new that our waiter was working his first shift that night. That of course didn't come without a few minor mistakes with our orders but we were forgiving when free desert and drinks were offered at the end of our meal.

Dave arrived early and took advantage of the bar's happy hour and ordered himself an African lager 'Tusker'. We ordered the 'crispy tuna' for our appetizer which appeased our hunger very well. For our main course, our friend got the shrimp linguini, I got the wild mushroom risotto and Dave got a grilled sirloin steak marinated with Senegalese spices which is probably the only Senegalese thing we ordered that night. The portions were very generous and everyone's dishes were tasty. I was slightly disappointed not to find any "wild mushrooms" in my risotto unless they were so finely chopped up, I didn't see them.

Despite the server's mishap, we will definitely return and try out other dishes on the menu. We're so happy this place popped up and that we now we have a new joint in Harlem to take our out-of-town guests (or for dinner when we feel too lazy to cook).

Tusker African lager

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A week passed...

Cambridge Charles River
Last weekend, we were in Boston for a quickie trip. Nothing much to write about that but it was a short and sweet trip. Lots of napping and eating!

The weekend is quickly approaching and I felt like the week passed so fast. Maybe not because I was having so much fun but rather because I have been so busy at work. These past couple of months have been really busy for me and I have been putting off some of my writing. I haven't covered any sample sales for a couple of weeks (slow season), I haven't submitted anything new for CitizenMag and I haven't been writing much on my blog neither. On the other hand, I think it's a good thing that my job is keeping me stimulated and busy but I just feel weird not putting more time into blogging. I enjoyed taking the break but I didn't really want to. I wish writing was an easier process for me and that I could just sit down, write a post and not be worried about blabbering on and on and making tons of grammatical mistakes. (Well, it probably still happens even if I re-read my posts a zillion times.) I guess the more I write, the better I become but first, I have to write!

Anyway, this weekend, we have no concrete plans. A friend is visiting from Montreal but I am sure he's got plans of his own. Maybe I'll take some time to write this weekend that will be nice...

#TBT=#ThrowbackTravels #19 : Birds! Green Lake Park in Kunming, China

Green Lake Park 
People are holding out pieces of bread to feed these birds who have adapted to fly in a loop over and over to snatch a snack. Entrepreneurial men have also adapted to these tourists by taking and selling pictures of the tourists taken at the moment the bird is snatching up the bread straight from their fingers.