Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mmm - I recommend Mermaid Oyster Bar

During a cab ride, I saw an ad with Zach Braff talking about one of his favorite oyster bars in NY..As I got home, I quickly looked up the place and eventually, when Dave and I were looking for somewhere to eat, we went to try this little gem in the heart of Greenwich.
It was such a cozy and nice place ..with choices of West coast and East coast oysters, a small seafood menu (including tuna burger! and whale fries)...the experience was topped off with a friendly waiting staff.
If we go next time, I'll make sure to go before 7 pm to enjoy daily 1$ oyster special!

They didn't have a desert menu so they gave us complimentary desert (delicious rich chocolate pudding). And to finish the night, we got this "Fortune Teller Fish"..the movements of its head, tail or both or none tells us different moves we are in (Dave and I were both in a passionate move)...Pretty cute and it's Made in Taiwan!

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  1. gobble gobble!
    it's so funny, looking at oysters you wouldn't think much, but when they're good... they GOOD!