Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In the name of clothes!

Since I signed up for the gym, I have, to my surprise, been consistently going at least 4-5 per week for the past month! I mix it up with treadmill, spinning, swimming, intense rowing and sometimes that stupid elliptical and maybe a few misly reps of dumbbells but better than nothing lifts. I was the anti-gym chick. I prefer group classes where someone's forcing me to do something and forcing me if I don't do it..I prefer dancing and outdoor activities but I was simply not getting enough exercise ever since I left Taiwan. "I hate the gym. I hate the gym. I hate the gym!" I would say but always envy those who have killer bodies from results of disciplined visits to the gym. So here I am, going to the gym religiously and getting back into a pool again as a lovely bonus, hoping to fit back into my size 27 Paige jeanssss one day and loving wearing tight shizzles again.

Here I am, at my skinniest I think back in an underweight 112 lbs...although it wasn't due to exercising but to natural cycles of life but still..lookit those bones!

I don't want to go back to that weight ..I just want to drop ten pounds to fit back in my jeans! And losing 10 lbs won't even get me close to 112 lbs. What the heck have I been eating for the past two years? Fat blubbery seals??

Gosh, why the f am I updating my blog when I have a zillion things to do! Those cells ain't going to grow themselves Hsin!
People are wearing scarves in the lab today..No likey the AC?

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