Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh and it helps to have comfy cool outfits for the gym.

I've got 2 new shorts, 2 bras, 2 tanks and a new bag from Lulu and I feel great working out in them. No more wedgies while I run, no more smelly clothes post-gym, no more stickiness, no more hot flashes from smothering clothing. I should unsuscribe from the Lululemon newsletter..they have new things that come in weekly and I just want it all!

-Confessions from Shopaholic H

This just in!

I recommend these items for running/working out:
Come to NY to buy them. They are the same price in Canada but minus the taxes!

These shorts have vents everywhere so it feels like you're wearing practically nothing. Totally breathable.

The support for this bra for running is impeccable. I don't got big titties but for those who have, these will probably make sure your boobies stay in place. They are made small so worry not if you've got to try on a larger size.

The design of this tank is just plain sexy, the color is popping and it has great stretch and support.

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