Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seeking the most delicious ramen in town...

Totto Ramen is up there so far in my fav ramen in town....the broth is creamy, flavor-licious, healthy I am sure, no msg so you won't die of thirst after your meal...

I wanted the spicy ramen but I decided to try their original flavor first before venturing out..but I ordered a side order of spicy bamboo. I should have known it would kill had 5 pieces of chili indicating it's level of spiciness but I thought they had something on the menu that was 10 chilis so 5 shouldn't be too bad.

Downside is that they seat 20 people so even at 9 pm , there's going to be a line up...however, you wait no more than 10 minutes before you food arrives.

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