Sunday, September 5, 2010

The buzz on Eataly

What happens when three great Italian-american restaurateur, Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, of which I know nothing about, teams up to create a super super Italian supermarket with lots of imported food and goodies?

They create Eataly!

What attracted me? EAT! Italy! Double win!

See map and you would want to take a tour yourself as well! I want to go back again because I feel like I didn't see everything...maybe because I wasn't ready to cook anything.

It was crowded, pushy and unorganized probably because the supermarket was highly anticipated by New Yorkers and opening day was only on Tuesday. I got my Lavazza latte and that was good enough.

We did not want to wait 1.5h to eat pasta.

It is still marvelous to know that this is a place we can go to for inspiration for our own Italianesque creations. I saw vast selections of fresh produce including meat, dairy, seafood as well as Italian wines, olive oil, gourmet pasta, spread and sauces..everything seemed luxurious...Everything you will need to make a complete Italian meal at home...

Di Fara's pie, one square for two ...burpie.

We thought we were late but they opened an hour late so we were actually early!

We were first to get our pie so most of the people watched us two lil' Asians devour the pizza plus the square.

I'd go back for this..

The 73 year old who makes pizza all by himself for hours a day making pizza for everyone..