Monday, October 25, 2010

Making of a tote bag - Etsy arts and craft event

Monday, October 18, 2010

Most memorable Chicago Oct

The bean

The bean

The bean

Pic with bean

Pics with Beanie

creepy alley

Creepy alley with Thompson in it

Meeting Michael Jordon

Biggest eyeball in the world

Hot Doug's- a hot dog menu which includes alligator, rabbit, foie gras and deer meat!

And ordering practically everything off the menu

Super architecture

Architecture boat tour

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Most memorable in Vegas Sept 24-26 2010

Borrowing camera from our taxi driver because we forgot our own to take this picture!

The Welcome to Vegas sign- designed by same guy who did Moulin Rouge

Eating Italian at the Venetian

David being eaten by a lion

Being kissed by baby white tigers

Brunch in "Paris" at Mon ami Gabi

Getting deals for Cirque Du Soleil shows..FREE is the best deal ever!

Watching the water show at the Bellagio from where the Ocean's 11 crew was

Caesar's Palace- Hangover!

Water at my fingertips

"Celeb" sighting on Jetblue- not knowing who we saw until we see big poster of his face

Getting a 32 oz Strawberry Daiquiri and legally drinking it on the streets

Eating baby tigers for lunch

Most memorable in San Francisco Sept 17-20 2010

A curvacious good looking street called Lombard St.

Simon posing like a supermodel.

Biking day across the Golden Gate bridge

The view from the other side of the Golden Gate

The view below

Everybody from three different parts of San Fran getting together at one vineyard

Wine testing

Super delicious food to fill alcohol filled stomach

Dinner with the fam-seeing uncle and Melody after 5 years?

Living in the Marina District with a nice view of the Golden Gate bridge..

Our gracious hosts

Most memorable in Aruba Sept 11-14 2010

Checking in with a complimentary glass of bubbly champagne!

Entering room with a complimentary bottle of wine for birthday!

Dinner at a seafood restaurant named Wacky Wahoo..

Looking at baby ostriches googly eyes

Ostrich feeding time!

Crazy safari jeep tour of the island

Public beaches that appear private because of lack of tourists

A natural pool made by nature

An ice cold local beer with Lay's chips after a whole day in the sun

a Happy birthday sign for me

Colorful Old dutch building brightening our day

Hand feeding quail like pigeons?

4$ snorkeling tube