Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mackage sample sale

Do not tell anyone how I managed to go to the sample sale on a work day at 12 in the afternoon...but you may guess!

Even though I was able to go early to avoid waiting too long in line, I knew I'd do something stupid on the day of the sale...I thought that I would probably forget my wallet, not be able to withdraw enough cash or something absent-minded. Well, the stupid thing I did was not write down the address and circle 2-3 blocks over and over again and got lost. When I finally found the godamn place, it was almost noon (sale started at 12 p.m.) and the lineup was already super long. I was sooo frustrated because I was around the area 30 mins in advance. However, I still go there in time to grab myself a new coat which was the last of its kind at the sale and make it my latest Mackage adoptions. Thank god I still fit in XS but barely!

This coat not only makes me feel like a wonderful ladylike chic gal but it's telling me to take the gym more seriously or risk not fitting in it anymore!

I also adopted new leather gloves. Everything was 50% off. My supersized fuzzy wool mittens just won't do for my new coat!

btw, there's a sale going on now on their online boutique for Black Friday weekend. It's not as good as the deal I got at the sample sale but it's something!


xx Keiko

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