Saturday, November 27, 2010

New York! Day 270, week 40, month 9 ish..

Well, well , I actually just did the math of how many days since I have been in New York. Time passes so fast when you're having fun!
I landed March 3rd 2010 with two suitcases with no job nor friends. Ok, I have two friends living in NY whom I've known since I had my baby teeth but I have no new NY friends...ACtually I do, ..ok, I should really make an effort to meet up with more people huh. Anyway... I still don't have new new friends unless coworkers count?

I looked back at my calendar today... I used to mark everything I did on a daily basis because before I had a job, I had nothing to do really. Here's one snapshot from March. I had pedi/manis, shopping and massages on my calendar. Neat! Interviews during week 2 and 3. March ended with doctor visits and pee tests because I was going to start working beginning of April!

I had to write my work appraisal this week which is due before end of 2010. They skipped my appraisal after my probation period because I was doing so well. I think it's because my boss #1 was just too busy for me. So, for my work appraisal, I have to list my job responsibilities in order of priority and explain my performance for each responsibility. My boss #1 (administrative side) would then evaluate me (M = Meets Expectations; S = Significantly Exceeds Expectations; E = Exceeds Expectations;
N = Needs Improvement; U = Unacceptable Performance) and then boss #2 (scientist side) would christian it. I think everything I do is pretty important for the lab/division to run smoothly so I just started listing things I do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and what I foresee doing annually. This is my first job appraisal and i'm not even sure if I'm doing this right. I decided to write 10 main things and leave out the little bitch work I make myself do (like clean up after the lazy ass doctors) so it doesn't sound like I'm trying too hard.

I recently requested to get my own business card just because I "needed" one. I really just wanted to have my own business cards because truth be told, I would probably be the first lab manager/researcher to get their own business card! Who is really going to ask me for a card at work except if I shove it down their throats? Actually, I can give it to all those pharmaceutical sales rep that constantly harass me and ask me to scribble my email and name in their unorganized agendas so they can contact me with promotions of stupid shit they sell. It would also come useful during social networking event but honestly, I barely attend those anymore. Anyway, business cards should be automatically given to you as part of a benefit in working for a big corporation so I wanted MINE. I told them to write my title as "Division lab manager" but then I realize that that's not the title that's going to win me a bigger paycheck on my future job hunts. I was hired as a Sr. Researcher and so I decided to stick with that even though at the moment, I am just a super junior researcher/division lab manager. It should take me at least 3-5 years before I can live up to my Sr Research Associate title and I am not getting paid as one anyway..yet! But the title is mega important and I realize, with the words of wisdom from Dave, that I now have to live up to the title that was given to me. Nothing I have learned during my masters applies to what I am doing here because it's a completely different field..but that's okay! I can learn. I wish I can learn faster but my brain isn't as quick as it once was anymore. Living in a new city is completely distracting and going to a library or coffee shop to study while there's fun things to do in the city is merely impossible!


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