Sunday, December 12, 2010

My "holiday" wish list 1

I never really made a Holiday wish list since I never really expect anything for Christmas. However, I want to make a list today just for fun to see what shiny new things can make my heart content! I also think it's an overall wish list that I am capable of making reality if I skip a couple of meals or save enough of the green stuff $$.

-Ipad 2 (It would arrive way after Xmas but that's the point) or ipod touch

-Chloe paraty handbag

-Awesome portable sewing machine - So i can get my sewing on and make my own dresses..suuure.Hello Kitty not included.

-Point and shoot cam- because my cellphone camera shouldn't be what I rely on for capturing memorable moments although it has rarely disappointed me.

-Another winter coat that I can wear and not be afraid of sitting on the subway with. teehee.

-Super sexy stilettos a la brand name. Red bottom maybe? possibly?

-Macbook air with stuff to plug into it. Because my macbook is just about going to die soon..i hope :)

-Frank Gehry for Tiffany

-In my dreams..this watch is more expensive than a Honda

-Mad Men all seasons dvd.

-Hanging out with parents

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