Friday, February 25, 2011

Worth digging for.. @ Century 21

I've been a fan of Paige Denim jeans ever since I put my bootie in one of them back in 2005. Paige was one of the most requested fit model for denim designers- Designers used to use her bootie to create their line of jeans and it occurred to her that she should start creating her own line of denim. Paige Denim was launched in Feb 2005. She's a size 27 and I'm a size's a match made in bootie heaven!

Laurel Canyon

At the time, I knew of only two places in Montreal where I could find the brand..James (in Westmount) and Holt Renfrew. The variety was very very limited and the jeans were priced between $150-$200. I start buying the jeans off ebay or waited for major sales. The popularity of the jeans grew and the line grew as well.

The first time I visited Century 21 (Fulton stop), I was pretty annoyed at the disorganization of the place. There's lot of great brands and variety but if you found something you liked..the sizes were limited, the item is either dirty or damaged and sometimes still too expensive. Manolos for $300 instead of $875. $1000 Prada dress down to $300 is still pricy. However, many visitors speak of Century 21 as the go-to place to shop when visiting NY. A friend of mine spent hours there once..I thought I'd give it another try. I can say though for my Canadian friends that Century 21 > Wieners... and I loved Wieners.

Overturning my disappointment of the store was when I found an intact pair of Paige denim, Laurel Canyon, priced at $50 instead of $189. I tried it on. 27 didn't fit me quite as well as it once did (damn cupcakes) but 28 was too big. I'm sure it'll loosen up (I hope!).

There were also J Brand and other "hot" brands there but the styles were not so hot.

Bobbi me eyes

I've never really mastered the smoky eye look so I thought that if I could invest in an eye palette called "smoky eye", it would help me achieve the look with ease. Boy was I wrong. At first I blamed my lack of skillzzz, and then the brushes and finally realized it was just me and the lack of eye crease. All make up tutorials I've seen for smoky eyes speak of this EYE CREASE thing which is non-existent for me. I think smoky eyes are just not meant to be for me. In fact, whenever I put on any dark shade of eye shadow, I end up looking like a panda or raccoon (aww!). However, I've seen many single-lid Asians use dark shadows and look hot sexy so I still think it's possible for. I shall experiment more with my makeup.

Bobbi Brown long wear eye liner cream and pencils.
Benefit-Stay, Don't stray. It's a very good product but the pump is pretty annoying as it always pumps out more than I need.
Smashbox concealer.

Just a few of the Bobbi brown eye palettes for "smoky" "smoldering" eyes:

The Bobbi Brown website gives great incentives to shop. At first, it's free shipping with two deluxe samples with any purchase of over $65. but after you first order, they just mail you promo codes for free shipping on ANY purchases + generous sized samples of their best sellers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rock & Republic Shoes

I didn't know Rock & Republic made shoes! Well, now I do. Look!

These were on the Daily candy sample sale page today..I was tempted but I would need to try these babies on before committing so my credit card stayed safely tucked in my wallet.
They were about 50%-60% off retail price.

These would look so hot at a partay in Meat Packing district. and painful.
Original price: $320. down to $149.

These ones would look nice on a hot date. and painful.
Original price: $350, sale for $169.
These models are NOT on

Original price : $320 down to $149

They are all leather or mix of both leather and suede. All Made in China.

Kevyn Aucoin. The volume mascara..testing

I received this in the mail today. I heart Amazon. Anyway..

While watching this video on youtube where I was supposed to laugh at this girl's head shaking technique while putting on mascara, I became very much interested in the brand of mascara she was using. Her eyelashes actually looked fuller..either from the brand of mascara or her head shaking technique. Or both.

Watch here:

I wanted to try this for myself. The mascara I mean, not really the technique. Heck, she and I have the same small eyes and non-existent lashes. She didn't say the name of the brand eloquently but I managed to find it online. She used a mascara from Kevyn Aucoin. It is one of those waterproof/smudge proof mascara that you can easily take off with warm water. One of my makeup staple since smudgy mascara panda eyes are my forte.

I had previously tried a couple of brands of these "tubing" mascaras and although convenient to wash off, they never gave my lashes much volume nor length, just a natural black coat to pass the work day with. This one was suppose to be better than them all. I use the Clinique one now. Lash Power Mascara. The Clinique one is $14.50 which I got for a little less at the Duty Free while traveling.

I wanted to try this one for sure...At $25 a tube, that's pretty steep. However, I had $20 Amazon gift card which I paid $10 for and so I really end up paying $15 anyway for the mascara.

Will I love it? Will try to find out!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion week...maybe next year. FNO 2010 in NY #FNO

But here are some souvenirs from Fashion Night Out last year in September :)


Laurie chatting with Nanette Lepore

Jason Wu giving an interview

Nicole Richie's bum

Waiting for Victoria Beckham. BARELY saw her at all..

So tempting to steal Louboutins...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Farmer's market always equals awesomeness. Foodshed on Atlantic Avenue.

I was hungry, grumpy and tired of walking around aimlessly downtown Brooklyn until we stumbled upon a small indoor farmer's market. As soon as I saw the word "Food..shed" I did not hesitate to go in. With a ton of free food tastings, I was in heaven. Foodshed market showcases New York regions cheeses, yogourt, garlic dips, ice cream, jam, honey, sauces, grains, breads, pickles, and ciders cured meats, sausages, even Beaujoulois and maple syrup imbibed marshmallows ( and so much more!

I was asking for multiple tastings and they were just so happy to feed me over and over again. They were just so proud of their own products. It's passion. "Try this..try try try" "yes yes yes! nom nom nom". It was cash only so thank god we ran out of cash. I walked out with only a natural garlic dip with no preservatives made in Queens and a super organic, no chemical additives macadamia nut body oil + lavender essential oil made by this young Brooklynite. Awesome.

Look at these cool dudes standing there trying to sell products they have proudly made themselves!

More Leigh & Luca please

My first one is limited edition #29 of 200.

Comes with instructions on different ways to wear your scarf.

New Spring/Summer '11 colors are out on leigh&

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Citipond ice skating in Bryant Park

Citipond is a winter wonderland for Manhattan dwellers. An ice skating rink in smack middle of the city? Stupendous except it comes with crowdiness (is that a word?). There are two other rinks in the city including Central Park and Rockefeller Center.

There is no admission fee and renting a pair of ice skate is $13/pair. Of course you are welcome to bring your own skates (highly recommended) as the ones they provide are so uncomfortable...truly the only reason why I couldn't do my triple axles.

I had found a deal through my trusty Daily Candy newsletter and purchased a $30 VIP package which includes: fast pass (skips the long lineup!), two pairs of ice skate, two hot chocolates and locker rental. A value of $60.

Skating smoothly on ice. It helps that I am raised in Canada :)

Not so smooth on ice...but didn't fall on butt neither.

Zamboni time.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Totoro does exist in the wild..


Those are the highs (in Deg Celsius) for the upcoming 6 days in New York...warmest warmer warm chill cool..zerooo..nooooo!!

I'd like to throw away my old 5 year old winter jacket asap.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shopbop sale treats!

I have known and browsed for a while back when I lived in Canada to shop brands that were not available in Canada. There are tons of brands that are not available in Canada and if there were, it's in super limited quantities. I never really bought anything from Shopbop because of the expensive price tags on most of their items and then also had to worry about the cost of shipping and duties after that.

So recently, when I visited the site to take a peek at their sale, it was to my delight that they offer free shipping to the U.S. and also free shipping on returns which is a super bonus I think!

I got me a Doo.ri by Underligne dress- jersey with real leather patching. I am glad it fits me well because it is FINAL sales on 70% discounted items.

I also got a Splendid lace and jersey racer back top. ..I can't wait to wear it out on a hot summer day in NY! 50% off!

Of course these summer items sit in my closet now until warmer days but I can't wait to take them out for a lil fun!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New York subway performer

Entering the Bedford L train, we hear this eery hypnotizing banjo/drum concoction. ... As I stayed to hear more, I felt captivated by the drums beats...
I played 'record' on my cellie and here it is...We missed the train on purpose to hear another set... I felt like I was in some exotic tribal ritual..

I gave my first dollar to a New York performer who we think, made at least $30 somethin' dollars within those 10 minutes we were around.

Shortly after returning home, I knew the power of Google will let me find this artist again "Banjo Bedford subway performer..."...and sure enough, we find multiple sites with him. He has fans and also performs with his band and even has his own webpage. His name is Morgan O'kane. Sorry we thought you were a crackhead but I didn't care if my dollar went to drugs, you are talented with that banjo! Not sure if I like his other stuff from his website but what I heard at the L stop was pretty darn neat! Too bad my phone couldn't pick up the drum beats so well.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Montreal weekend January 2011 : Friends and Food!

Purpose of my trip was to see this year's MCCCA show eat good old comfort foods!!

We left NY at about 10 a.m. and got to Montreal a bit past 4 p.m. It could have probably took us less than 6 hours but we made a couple of stops including Saratoga Spring Lake and saw people ice fishing. Totoro was there too.

First thing I did when I got to Mel's home was to say hello to the cats and then of course, Mel and Pat. We got a quick bite at Pret a Manger and then me and Dave head on to Hall building to catch MCCCA's Chinese New Year show! I was having such a good time and it was so nice to see old faces..and new ones too! The dancers are better this year and it shows that everyone's a little more dedicated too. I also know that I didn't miss the vocal soloist at all ;p

My favs were:

Hanyue's choreagraphy: Ta Ge. Everyone was in sync with a sweet smile, I have a feeling HY had something to do with this.

Xiang's duo with Baobao which I was excited to see since I only saw it on Youtube before.

Did someone say super power moves? Super Sao dance by Xiang and co.

And ME being part of the a "volunteer"

After show BBT and noodles

Sunday was food day for me. Thank god Jimmy drives!..I had pad thai, Second Cup caramel coretto, poutine, bagels, banh my own NY cupcakes...and then dinner at Jane Resto.

After less than 40 hours in Montreal, we left Monday morning but not before getting more food...ketchup chips, big salad from Foumagerie, a bowl of pho from Pho Lien before hitting the road.

I didn't get to see everyone this trip but I'll be back! I loved every minute of my stay in Montreal...except when I got rashie from the kitties. grrr but worth it!

NY designer: Luscious big scarves from Leigh & Luca NY

Since I live in NY now, maybe it's a good idea I talk about the many many designers that stem from the city of Art and Fashion! Soooo here goes...

A good thing about online sample sales is I get to acquire things at more than 50-70% off in the comfort of my own home desk? shhhh..

My newly desired piece is big colorful scarves from Leigh & Luca NY. They are made in inner Mongolia and from looms that are more than 100 years old. 95% cotton and 5% silk. Each piece is created uniquely from the brand and are from limited editions! So we won't ever see too many people wearing these. I always like that concept!

I've read about them and seen their scarves in magazines but didn't think it was worth $150-250 to buy. But when there's a sale, there's no excuse!

Of course, the popular colors are gone but I still got something I think will look quite nice for Spring with my leather jacket!

I like these simple ones on Ashley (or Mary-Kate?)

Butterfly- on Olivia Wilde

Men can sport these too!