Friday, February 25, 2011

Bobbi me eyes

I've never really mastered the smoky eye look so I thought that if I could invest in an eye palette called "smoky eye", it would help me achieve the look with ease. Boy was I wrong. At first I blamed my lack of skillzzz, and then the brushes and finally realized it was just me and the lack of eye crease. All make up tutorials I've seen for smoky eyes speak of this EYE CREASE thing which is non-existent for me. I think smoky eyes are just not meant to be for me. In fact, whenever I put on any dark shade of eye shadow, I end up looking like a panda or raccoon (aww!). However, I've seen many single-lid Asians use dark shadows and look hot sexy so I still think it's possible for. I shall experiment more with my makeup.

Bobbi Brown long wear eye liner cream and pencils.
Benefit-Stay, Don't stray. It's a very good product but the pump is pretty annoying as it always pumps out more than I need.
Smashbox concealer.

Just a few of the Bobbi brown eye palettes for "smoky" "smoldering" eyes:

The Bobbi Brown website gives great incentives to shop. At first, it's free shipping with two deluxe samples with any purchase of over $65. but after you first order, they just mail you promo codes for free shipping on ANY purchases + generous sized samples of their best sellers.