Sunday, February 20, 2011

Farmer's market always equals awesomeness. Foodshed on Atlantic Avenue.

I was hungry, grumpy and tired of walking around aimlessly downtown Brooklyn until we stumbled upon a small indoor farmer's market. As soon as I saw the word "Food..shed" I did not hesitate to go in. With a ton of free food tastings, I was in heaven. Foodshed market showcases New York regions cheeses, yogourt, garlic dips, ice cream, jam, honey, sauces, grains, breads, pickles, and ciders cured meats, sausages, even Beaujoulois and maple syrup imbibed marshmallows ( and so much more!

I was asking for multiple tastings and they were just so happy to feed me over and over again. They were just so proud of their own products. It's passion. "Try this..try try try" "yes yes yes! nom nom nom". It was cash only so thank god we ran out of cash. I walked out with only a natural garlic dip with no preservatives made in Queens and a super organic, no chemical additives macadamia nut body oil + lavender essential oil made by this young Brooklynite. Awesome.

Look at these cool dudes standing there trying to sell products they have proudly made themselves!

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