Friday, February 4, 2011

New York subway performer

Entering the Bedford L train, we hear this eery hypnotizing banjo/drum concoction. ... As I stayed to hear more, I felt captivated by the drums beats...
I played 'record' on my cellie and here it is...We missed the train on purpose to hear another set... I felt like I was in some exotic tribal ritual..

I gave my first dollar to a New York performer who we think, made at least $30 somethin' dollars within those 10 minutes we were around.

Shortly after returning home, I knew the power of Google will let me find this artist again "Banjo Bedford subway performer..."...and sure enough, we find multiple sites with him. He has fans and also performs with his band and even has his own webpage. His name is Morgan O'kane. Sorry we thought you were a crackhead but I didn't care if my dollar went to drugs, you are talented with that banjo! Not sure if I like his other stuff from his website but what I heard at the L stop was pretty darn neat! Too bad my phone couldn't pick up the drum beats so well.

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  1. You are a good person to give a dollar to the musician!
    Did you run into the 'Saw Lady' yet? She is a very famous musician in the NYC subway. She plays music on a saw!
    This is her: