Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NY designer: Luscious big scarves from Leigh & Luca NY

Since I live in NY now, maybe it's a good idea I talk about the many many designers that stem from the city of Art and Fashion! Soooo here goes...

A good thing about online sample sales is I get to acquire things at more than 50-70% off in the comfort of my own home desk? shhhh..

My newly desired piece is big colorful scarves from Leigh & Luca NY. They are made in inner Mongolia and from looms that are more than 100 years old. 95% cotton and 5% silk. Each piece is created uniquely from the brand and are from limited editions! So we won't ever see too many people wearing these. I always like that concept!

I've read about them and seen their scarves in magazines but didn't think it was worth $150-250 to buy. But when there's a sale, there's no excuse!

Of course, the popular colors are gone but I still got something I think will look quite nice for Spring with my leather jacket!

I like these simple ones on Ashley (or Mary-Kate?)

Butterfly- on Olivia Wilde

Men can sport these too!

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