Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rock & Republic Shoes

I didn't know Rock & Republic made shoes! Well, now I do. Look!

These were on the Daily candy sample sale page today..I was tempted but I would need to try these babies on before committing so my credit card stayed safely tucked in my wallet.
They were about 50%-60% off retail price.

These would look so hot at a partay in Meat Packing district. and painful.
Original price: $320. down to $149.

These ones would look nice on a hot date. and painful.
Original price: $350, sale for $169.
These models are NOT on Zappos.com.

Original price : $320 down to $149

They are all leather or mix of both leather and suede. All Made in China.

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  1. LOL they also make makeup as well. Check out hautelook.com, they currently have a sale going on, but u practically have to log on right way when the sale starts because things go fast. Viv