Saturday, March 26, 2011

Air France food truck-complimentary menu creations by Joel Robuchon

I admit, I don't watch tv so I didn't know much about top chef Mr. Joel Robuchon. After Googling him, I thought he looked quite familiar but that is all. Reading about his culinary achievements, he is the chef with the most Michelin stars accumulated from his restaurants worldwide! He has his L'Atelier restaurant in both New York (1 Michelin star) and Taipei (no star) as well as all around the world. I guess I'll get a chance to taste his stuff here in NY one day or maybe Taipei...orrr for free?.. from a food truck? That's what we did today! Actually, I'm not sure to what extent was his involvement in this "menu creations" but I guess he taste approved it?

The promo Air France truck is serving different spots around NY from March 24 through March 28 and we had a chance to catch a complimentary teeny dinner today at the Park Ave/15th st stop after getting our Jamba Juice at Union Square (it's 2 for $5 coupon time!). I thought there would be a long line up and was hesitant to check it out. However, we were right there and there was barely a crowd (maybe due to the location?) and it took us less than 2 minutes to get some grub. It was delicious and served warm!! I loved the macarons and wondered if they were imported from France! The chefs in the truck spoke French so it MUST have been "authentique"! free truck food ever...and we hope to win a trip to Paris too!

Here is what was on the menu as they serve breafkast, lunch, dinner and dessert:

-Buckwheat crepes filled with minced chicken, ham, and mushrooms with Mornay sauce.
-Pain au Chocolat
-Cucumber and smoked salmon brochette
-Grilled beef filet with wine truffle sauce and potatoes au gratin
-Smoked salmon and shrimp rondelle
-French Sheperd's Pie with duck confit.
-Assorted French macarons and petits fours.

The finishing touches were all there too. Rosemary on the tournelle.

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