Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy 1 year in New York to me!

To celebrate.. we went shopping and eat delicioso steak.

We went to do some shopping at Barney's warehouse sale. After visiting the actual Barney's store last week where everything was unaffordable, we thought it would be worth checking out.

It was apparently the last weekend for the sale. If only I knew it started back in mid February...gahhh. Leftover sale items sucks. There were still a whole lot of people there though taking advantage of the additional savings on top of the sale prices.
Lavish dresses from Lanvin, Balmain, Dior and more were all on sale but since it's the last weekend of the warehouse sale..everyone dreamed to be a size 40 or size 0 to take advantage of the last marked down designer gowns.

I tried on two tank tops from Vince priced at $39 +25% additional discount. A Viva Cava mesh tank top which didn't fit. (At first I thought it was a Vena Cava piece I was holding but then realized it was Viva and not Vena. Just doing some research now, I see that Viva Vena is a sister brand of Vena Cava..that's all. I learn somethin' everything).

This top looked terrible on me..S or L was not flattering at all. Not even on this model.

Since I didn't buy anything, 5 minutes before I had to go, I forcibly squeezed my feet into a super coveted Derek Lam ankle bootie marked down from $795 to $319 with an additional 60% off to make it less than $130! But alas, I couldn't pull the platform ankle bootie off and threw them back in the pile.
Here it is worn by Rachel, Olivia and Jessica. Looks awkward no? Should I have gotten them anyway since they were only $130?!

Although I didn't buy anything, I was psyched to bump into my high friend from Montreal who was in town for the weekend. He went straight to the sale after arriving. It is just so freakin' nice to "bump" into someone here in New York!

After was steak time at Peter Luger's. Porterhouse for 2, cream spinach, German hash browns, palm salad...nom nom nom.

Now you see it..

Now you don't..

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