Tuesday, March 15, 2011

oh lab lab lab...lots of cursing today..in my head of course..

So like.. I measured concentration for 82 protein samples the other day which took me hours and realized today that I was missing two concentrations in my series but did not know which protein was missing and so everything I measured is garbage...then I got new concentrations and then started to make the protein gels from scratch. I made my Western gel twice since the first one didn't polymerize for some reason so I'm like freakin' shit..then I do it again and there were freaking bubbles everywhere..and I think to myself that I am not redoing this shit so I keep going using the lanes that are intact and then I find out I have not enough lanes for my samples in the middle of loading so I curse loudly and then I continue anyway because I just can't stop...then I find out I am missing some control proteins so I had to thaw and do a Bradford assay again ...and then I continue...and I just have a feeling that the rest of the way until I develop the stupid membrane that I'm going to hit more bumps and that my result will be just as lousy and I should have just not bothered with all of this from the start....and eat chocolate :)

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