Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brooklyn excursion...A.P.C. APC Overstock sale

Apparently A.P.C.(French brand) sales are rare and so we were expecting a crowd...a mob we got. Lots of Frenchies in line too wanting to get their hands on their beloved simplistic Euro-hipster garments..even traveling from the island of Manhattan.

The sale was okay. Considering the price tag on most things at the Mercer St store range between $100-500, finding accessories at 75%, $100 jacket, $50-80 shoes/boots/sandals, $65 dress was a pretty good deal.Dave got a jacket and I got a skirt and bracelet. I would have gotten a black clutch, some belts and shoes but I had SELF CONTROL for once....sorta. "Put back the clutch for me, I can't do it!!"

The line outside was consistently long even four hours later..

The women ...

My purchases:
Kilt style skirt- $270 down to $45. Genuine leather straps, 85% light wool material.

Gold metal/plastic Coral bracelet from 2010 collection-$110 down to $28. Not real gold...compensation for not getting an $85 leather clutch.

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