Friday, April 22, 2011

Laura mercier goodies!

I love all the free goodies you get when you shop online and that you don't get at department stores! Yes, you can avoid shipping fees but there are often promos going on! had a special this week- Free shipping over $25 so I went ahead and ordered the coveted Tinted Moisturizer (oil free in nude) I wanted to try. I also got a super effective secret concealer because with purchase of two secret camouflage products, you get a full size foundation primer valued at $30 (I ran out of primer months ago)!

Of course when you shop at the department stores, you get to try on the colors before buying..well, I went to Bloomings to try the colors and bought it online to get the freebies!

I get to pick 3 free samples- Flawless skin exfoliator, universal loose powder+brush (Super good for hot greasy summer faces) and a mini tinted moisturizer which is super useful for traveling. Free samples that I will actually use is rare!

*After writing this, I noticed I was missing the mini tinted moisturizer tube...I accidentally threw it in the garbage amongst the packaging! FAIL but win for blogging!

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