Monday, June 27, 2011

Nom nom

Nomilicious wabbit.

Taken from nom nom truck website.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quest for best macarons in the city! La Maison du Macaron (Chelsea).

With the help of Yelp, it directed us towards a couple of places in town including..La Maison du Macaron. The name makes it seem like something you can't go wrong with. We picked the Lavender Bow box which is $25 for 9 pcs of Macaroons of your choice. The macarons are regularly $3 each. We were going to try just one but I changed my mind. How can I have just ONE and give a good critic? You just can't! It's not fair!

I'm holding $9 worth of macarons.

These macarons were sure crispy and light and flavorful and delicious. I'm sure it will be hard to beat these but there are still a couple of places in town to try so I must not decide too quickly.

Je veux aller à Paris pour me faire gôuter un bon macaron authentique.

nykeiko eats: 7 course Chef's Choice Omakase at Morimoto in NY

I am not going to pretend to be a food critic because I'm such a poor writer but I'll let the pictures (bad pics) speak for themselves.

We both ordered the 7-course Omasake and once the order was placed, our waiter warned us the meal will last 1.5h. At the end of the meal, I wish they had offered a butt massage or sushi chef dancers for entertainment purposes. However, David making weird faces while eating wasabi was pretty entertaining.

Here are what we got from the Morimoto Omakase and the would have been price if we ordered it separately). There were a few highly recommended dishes such as the Toro Tartare and the foie gras oyster which were both in the Chef's choice Omakase. The waiter says a couple of the dishes can be interchanged if we didn't like the choices.

The Toro Tartare (Full plate is $28)
Osetra caviar, sour cream, wasabi, dashi soy.

Whitefish carpaccio ($16/$21)
Hot oil, mitsuba leaf

Not on menu. Could have skipped this part. Nice presentacion.

Oyster foie gras nom nom nom ($21)
Market oysters, foie gras, uni, teriyaki sauce .

5 pieces of sushi nom nom nom

Main dish Surf and Turf (~$39)
Wagyu filet and lobster tail/claw.

Finally, the desert.
Mousse cheesecake, cafe sauce, orange sherbet, red bean pastry, shortbread.

The END. Up until the main course, I was thinking of a nice juicy burger from Shake Shack afterwards. After the meal, that was still my thought!
It was a perfect sized meal for a size 0 gal but I am happy we tried this place. My fav would be the oyster foie gras, the white fish carpaccio and the sushi.


The High Line's part 2.

RAinbow city. by

Jumping around into an inflated balloon watching Dave jump around like a kangaroo and acting like kids again. Priceless!

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Things I don't need but I think I need!

1. Macbook air (I don't really need this because my Macbook still works)

2. S95 Canon camera (My cell phone camera can only do so much in dark places)

3. Xperia Arc phone - no data plan needed (It's a phone and camera all in one. If I get this, then no need for S95)

4. Itouch 8gb (My first gen itouch still works but I was supposed to this for free with laptop purchase but that promo is dead)

5. In all, I don't need any of this so I won't get anything until 2012.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NY Renegade Craft fair 2011 in Williamsburg! Aren't these le fun?

"The Renegade Craft Fair is a large-scale DIY marketplace event, featuring hundreds of the best indie craft designers and makers around."

Day 1: T'was a super rainy day so Jean and I walked past most vendors in the end as everything started looking the same and my soaked feet were a bummer. Over 300 vendors at the fair..t'was pretty awesome but overpriced? (But WHO can put a price on art made with love and from the heart ehh?)

Magnolia photo booth! Super great pics!

Mustache eyebrows!

I had to go back with Dave on Sunday since he told me about it and my chance to get into the Magnolia photobooth again! Love! Isn't he just great with high pressure time-limited photo prep posing??! I'm impressed.

3 artistes de Montreal!

99 red balloons minus 98!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Budding yeast earrings..Hommage to my MSc project

I saw these earrings today by NY based Korean designers The Triple Truffle at Artist and Fleas. They reminded me of budding yeasts. They made me giggle and they make very cute earrings too. I don't think the designers knew their inspiration came from fungi!

See what I'm talking about?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new nerdy glasses yet somewhat stylish glasses..I C U

I finally bought a pair of new glasses ever since I began looking almost a year ago and they are relatively cheapo!

This is a good mix between the large hipster frames I wanted and staying on the professionalism and nerdyness side! They are super light too and so I thought they were made of titanium. They are stainless steel.

Anyone heard of this brand before? Prodesign? It seems of a good quality. Denmark right? For was really because it fit me well and also because I have been shopping for glasses forever now. It's a mix of cheapness and style. Bye bye scratched up lenses of mine and frames that leave weight marks on my nosie. And because of my work insurance, I have never paid so little for my glasses before. Ever! $400-500 is what I was used to paying down to $250!

I'm obsessed with Blue Bottle coffee!

Even if I'm not craving caffeine, I will crave coffee when I walk by Blue Bottle coffee in Williamsburg. I normally order lattes at cafes but at Blue Bottle, I make an exception. An ice cold coffee from Blue Bottle is so authentic tasting, I must have it each time..Try Kyoto ice coffee for a strong flavor while New Orleans ice coffee is their most popular drink! Oh and beware. Heart rate will skyrocket after drinking this even for the most avid coffee drinkers out there.

Why am I attracted to old-fashioned timeless pieces?

I saw this bag in person at Bloomingdale's last season and really loved the contrast of the gold on black leather. Super classy but difficult to style since it's a style on its own me thinks. I got it for 65% off retail price. Ahh..I love Hautelook.

Finally, a lady-like bag where my stuff won't get lost in the shuffle and where Dave won't ask me to stuff his stuff in such as his ipad ...or will it fit?

I don't know much about the Halston Heritage label but only that Sarah Jessica Parker was appointed President and Chief Creative Officer back in 2010 and that Halston used to be a super old American luxury brand.