Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new nerdy glasses yet somewhat stylish glasses..I C U

I finally bought a pair of new glasses ever since I began looking almost a year ago and they are relatively cheapo!

This is a good mix between the large hipster frames I wanted and staying on the professionalism and nerdyness side! They are super light too and so I thought they were made of titanium. They are stainless steel.

Anyone heard of this brand before? Prodesign? It seems of a good quality. Denmark right? For was really because it fit me well and also because I have been shopping for glasses forever now. It's a mix of cheapness and style. Bye bye scratched up lenses of mine and frames that leave weight marks on my nosie. And because of my work insurance, I have never paid so little for my glasses before. Ever! $400-500 is what I was used to paying down to $250!

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