Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quest for best macarons in the city! La Maison du Macaron (Chelsea).

With the help of Yelp, it directed us towards a couple of places in town including..La Maison du Macaron. The name makes it seem like something you can't go wrong with. We picked the Lavender Bow box which is $25 for 9 pcs of Macaroons of your choice. The macarons are regularly $3 each. We were going to try just one but I changed my mind. How can I have just ONE and give a good critic? You just can't! It's not fair!

I'm holding $9 worth of macarons.

These macarons were sure crispy and light and flavorful and delicious. I'm sure it will be hard to beat these but there are still a couple of places in town to try so I must not decide too quickly.

Je veux aller à Paris pour me faire gôuter un bon macaron authentique.

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