Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Met: Savage Beauty

I never knew clothes could evoke such deep emotions in someone...unless that piece of clothing was a pristine white and worn while eating a big bowl of splattery red sauce meatball yea. Anyway, Savage Beauty at the Met, which features most of Alexander Mcqueen's best pieces, is a highly recommended exhibition for anyone who appreciates not only fashion but the arts and unconstrained creativity. I loved all the intricate embroidery and appreciated the hours spent on one goddarn unaffordable outfit for my middle class peeps.

Of course I got a souvenir from the exhibition. My very own Armadillo shoes. Mine were not $10,000 though and tiny. I think labbit likes it.

The line up before opening of the Met at too darn early for a week end..Totally worth waking up at 7 for! Thanks to My, we were one of the first ones in line.

Photos were not allowed so here's one I illegally took and another I took from a friend's fb album and the rest are from the web. It's better to see these pieces in person anyway.

From Web

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