Sunday, July 31, 2011

Williamsburg eats: For "hipster" sushi , I recommend Samurai Mama in Williamsburg

We (or I) was hungry for some sushi today and looked up some top japanese joints in our area. Samurai Mama came up as one of the top rated restos with '$$' so we had the bright idea of rollerblading there to build up an apetite! We were hungry and ordered way too much as usual but that let us try a couple of things on the menu although 90% of what we ordered contained the same thing.
I love Ikura and think we overdid it ..

The decor was charming and quaint.

We started with some pork belly Daikon. Reviews raved about this so we tried it. Just like a good home cooked stew.

Salad Mama with salmon sashimi

Bowl of cold Udon with Ikura and salmon. Many people around us ordered Udon and so I think that's what they are popular for. The Udon was chilled and perfect for a hot day.

Salmon flake and Ikura Gunken sushi + Uni and Ikura mini don

And finally, more Ikura in Bara Chirashi

In all, I'd recommend this place for shizzle!

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