Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lykke Li at Central Park Summer stages Aug uno 2011

Pics taken from web

Lykke Li is an amazing artist and her lyrics come straight from love, experience and life. I had the priviledge of seeing her perform live at Central Park after all these years of listening to her music (on loop!).
She played a few of my new favs including 'Sadness is a blessing' and 'Love out of Lust' from her latest album. Hearing her older hits such as 'Dance Dance Dance' and 'Little Bit' lifted my spirits at the end of a tiring work day and fatigued by the hot humid weather that night. She played 'Possibility' on the piano to end her concert which is also one of my favs.

Vironique, another big big fan of hers came all the way from Montreal to see her. She was a joy to dance dance dance (or jump) around with during the concert!

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