Monday, September 26, 2011

Curry-Ya. Curry No for me.

I make my own Japanese curry at home. You know, the chunky powder stuff you buy from Asian grocery stores, chop your own veggies and meat and boil in water to create your own sweet gooey goodness.
So when I was presented with an opportunity to eat at Curry Ya, I was skeptical from start to finish. I'm thinking..why would I pay $10 for a bowl of curry I can make at home and sure their ingredients are more complex but it's basically the same. I was not happy with my $12 plate of curry with steak, mushroom, onion but I ate it all anyway 'cuz it cost $12!

Lychee Lassie

$12 for curry. I had my doubts.

Menu recommended Yuba Salad. Tofu skin and green beans topped with parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Ground meat style curry which was decent.

My caca

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