Sunday, September 18, 2011

James Perse sample sale at Chelsea market NY

I went to the James Perse sample sale today which is the last day of the sale. Sooo...there were racks and racks of soft comfy wear for women and even men. I was looking for khakis and luckily, I find the last pair of pants I wanted in my size on a lonesome rack in the back, at 80% off, tried it on and bought it! That was my only purchase and thought maybe I should have gotten more cottony softness when I saw people hoard bags full of tank tops, shirts and dresses...good for them!

The sample sale took place in the heart of Chelsea market which I've come to adore since the opening of so many new interesting shops, markets and restaurants. Truly a foodie's paradise.

I got a French baguette from Amy's bread and restrained myself from buying cupcakes.

I also got a choco-latte made with fresh chocolate milk from Ronnybrook farm in Upstate NY.

I bought some fresh pate from Buon Italia, an Italian import store ( and Grapeseed oil for cooking from a gourmet supermarket.

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