Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ladurée- A sweet piece of Paris in New York.

I arrive to Ladurée on the Upper East Side and was greeted with a queue in front of the store. Blogs warned me of this. The store opened no more than three weeks ago and people are craving a piece of Paris on their taste palette.

I was especially intrigued by the fact that they import all their deserts including macarons, chocolats, biscuits, candies, jams and jellies etc. directly from France. Since I was in search for the best macarons in NY and also having never set foot in Europe, getting birthday sweets for myself was the perfect excuse to venture out there (or twenty six blocks from my work).

A lineup, mostly chicks + bfs.

$62 candles. I stopped myself from licking them. Smelled so nice and sweet.

I just want the box.

Macaron buffet. $2.70/each more if you want to pair with fancy boxes.

They sell out on different flavors on a daily basis ...for now.

My picks + two devoured before this pic was taken:
Pistachio, Cassise, Rose petal (like licking perfume or bath soap), vanilla and caramel fleur de sel. + lemon and rasberry (in my tummy)

Cassise was weally sweet.

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