Sunday, January 22, 2012

Of a Kind- My pick!

There are 20 of these cute little bags made in the world. How so?

'Of A kind'( is this unique little website where new up and coming designers make special limited edition pieces to be sold which varies from accessories, jewelry, bags and more for both men and women (mostly for women!). Each item comes with some type of certificate of authenticity signed by the designers to prove that what you have is 1 of either 5 to 50 of that item made! So, of course, with the increasing popularity of this website, things sell out fast so you have to be subscribed to the newsletter to make sure you get first notice when an edition comes out.

Just imagine the pleasure of telling someone who wanted to know where you got that necklace or earrings.....You can answer: Oh, you cannot get it anymore. I got one of the 20 made in the world teehee. Also, you will rarely see someone else down the street wearing the same thing à la H&M...But mostly, because there are so few of these items made, just imagine the care and time taken into making each and every one of these pieces. It is a good feeling!

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