Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh yes I did...a real winter Canadian parka!

Oh yes I did!
I invested lots of pennies on a parka I hope to wear for the next decade or so for the price I invested. I hope this will keep me warm assuming that I will still be living in a climate where winters freezes the crap out of you. I am not even sure how I survived Canada's coldness before with the coat I currently have since it is obviously way colder in Montreal than it is here in New York. I must be getting old. (from Montreal) was the only website that sold this coat in the color (red!) and size that I wanted but as I was contemplating the cost, they sold out for a while so I gave up on it as they never re-stocked. Since I had already been shopping around for coats every winter year after year, I did not look elsewhere and decided to just keep wearing my current coat concurrently with my Mackage wool one that I only wear for special occasions. A couple of months later, just for the heck of it, I checked again to see if they had new styles up and low and behold, they had the coat back on the site and with only ONE size left (A returned item maybe?). And it was MY size so it was a sign (in my head!) to get it! I was still hesitating about the cost but I got it because I didn't want to let it get away again and also, I have been looking forever for the perfect parka but unsuccessful.

The Canada Goose Victoria Parka is not too bulky and is slimmer than the other CG coats I have tried on. I hope this coat will keep me warm but based on the reviews, it can get too hot wearing it which is fine with me. Actually, I don't like to sweating in my clothes...oh well. I ordered it last week and I hope it arrives soon because winter is slowly slipping away from NY however, unlike the past couple of years, we had a fairly mild winter to begin with so I may not be wearing my new coat too many times this time around .... I never thought I'd be asking for cold weather so I can wear test this coat out. Freak winter snow storm please?

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