Sunday, January 22, 2012 Spanx...

I read many reviews about how these super tights can make you look better in any dress that you may own and I had one dress that I needed extra help with in tightening some places (tummy mostly). Plus, I had a gift card I needed to use on Amazon so I gave it a try and ordered these $40 wonder babies. When I received my Spanx in the mail, I tried them on and I was so miserable for those 5 minutes I did. It was miserable getting in them first of all and when I wore them, I thought I looked hideous and not everything was tucked in as I have hoped. Maybe I should have gotten size B but it might have been too big since I fell under the size A category.

Oh god I was so miserable...and then I made the mistake of putting them in the dryer today. GAHH.. I'm stretching them out now wearing them on my lower thigh and opening up my legs back and forth to loosen the band...Why did i put them in the dryer?!? Now I might just die putting them on.

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