Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diptyque sale in NYC- I'm there!

"It's a sign! I must get it!"
That's what I tell myself each time when there's a sale on something I've wanted for some time but contemplate about.

I always wanted to try candles from Diptyque but never got myself to paying $60 for ONE candle and hinting Dave to get me ONE candle as a gift for Xmas or Valentine's Day did not work. Diptyque candles are suppose to burn longer (up to 60 hours for the larger sizes) and scent diffuses uniformly as it burns. No excuse for the apartment to smell bad anymore not that it did! Update:**I just learned to my surprise from Diptyque's website that their candles are vegetable/paraffin wax mix-based. Paraffin is something I have been avoiding as I prefer the natural waxes and didn't mind paying a premium for it. I really didn't think their candle would use paraffin wax (probably explains the longer burn time and not some magical French candle recipe) or maybe it's a higher ratio of vegetable wax over paraffin? Candles from the dollar store are paraffin based candles too...just saying. Paraffin is a no-no apparently but not deadly toxic however, I burn candles by my face bedside sometimes so it's a health concern for me to be breathing that stuff in...hmm

I love candles, I buy them all the time and could buy more if Dave wasn't reminding me that I should finish what we have now before buying more. I really don't mind having "extra" candles lying around as I like to alternate between them from time to time. And if there's a blackout one day, I would be able to pay myself in the back. Anyway, we are down to 2 candles now so 'tis time to buy! I usually spend around a hefty $25-$35 per candle which usually burns for longer hours, soy or wax based, contain natural essential oils, have lead-free wick and all that good stuff that usually comes with a higher price. But never have I splurged on a $60 from Diptyque or Jo Malone and similar high-end brands of candles. So when there's a Diptyque sale where candles are rumored to be discounted as much as 50% off, I will go and stock up for sure! I hope the scents I like are there which ne sais quoi since I've never tried them before. I only know that I like the 'Baies' one and I thought 'Feu de Bois' would be nice but maybe just for the Holidays as it makes me reminisce the days I had a fire place..and the smell..ahh..

I was surprised to hear about the sale? I wonder...are these old inventory they are trying to get rid of? Candles do go bad after some time right? Will the candles not be at their premium scent?

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