Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ernest Alexander messenger bag purchase not by me!

Walker Navy Wax Messenger bag

When Dave picks something fashionable for himself and on his own that I actually love, I am supportive and a little proud for some reason!  

You may not have heard of the brand before and neither have I. I only learned about it not long ago through ofakind.com where the designer launched a 30 of a kind man purse and I showed it to Dave since he has been actively looking to buy a messenger bag for work. He wasn't crazy about the bag (neither was I)  but he became interested in learning more about the designer (he can recite his whole life which he did 10 minutes ago!) , the brand, started reading his blog which is interesting and after browsing multiple brands of messenger bags across the world wide web he finally picked something from Ernest Alexander and to my delight of course! I LOVE local up-and-coming designers and Ernest Alexander is one of those small companies that is probably slowly becoming more and more popular but still dedicates time to making each and every one of their piece with fine craftsmanship. I guess it is sort of reminiscent of my beloved m0851 leather bags from Montreal when back in the old days before the brand spread internationally,  I actually felt special owning a piece because they were so scarce and not worn by everyone...

This bag and brand is entirely made in New York with durable high quality material. The bag was on sale but still not cheap at all. Hopefully it will last a lifetime as Dave is not the type to keep buying things every season and will probably cherish this piece for a very long time which is in the company's goal according to their 'about us' section.

"Our feeling is a garment should be built to last a lifetime. We craft each of our pieces from the finest materials and pay specific attention to the small details, from our signature wax cottons, to contrasting linings, double stitching, zipper pulls and extra pocketing. We remain deeply committed to ethical manufacturing practices and produce all of our line here in the USA." -Ernest Alexander team

 I hope it looks as good as it does online though!
From the same website which constitutes mostly of men gear, I saw this one piece I like which seems like it can be for women...

Bright orange for Spring!...but I was just browsing the designer's blog with no intention of buying!

Pretty simple but great isn't it?
Oh wait, looks like its unisex...

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