Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going to the Met Opera tomorrow. I feel classy just thinking about it!

Going to the NY Met Opera for the first time to see Don Giovanni by composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

I was just reading the synopsis and going through the picture gallery and found these:

 Don Giovanni looks like Jack Nicholson here.
Don Giovanni played by Gerard Finley
Gasp!  There's an Asian dude singing Italian Opera! Go Shenyang!

Masetto played by ShenYang
Now I'm more excited! haha


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  1. Oooh the opera, I love the Opera. I've seen Don Giovanni, tell me what you think. I don't want to either hype up your expectations or ruin it for you. So see it first and let me know. It should be amazing its a the MET which is already like 10 times better than at place des arts. I've seen 3 in total and for some reason I find operas in German easier to understand.