Monday, February 6, 2012

I have been living under a rock or I need a TV! Shuffling? What's that?

I have been living under a rock or I blame not owning a TV..seriously! I've heard the LMFAO song like a zillion times..I've heard shuffling a zillion times and even seen it at a friend's wedding but I had nooooo idea the shuffle was an actual dance move!!Who is rolling their eyes right now?! or, who else did not know about the shuffle?..Even Dave knows so I know I'm the only one. I bet my lab mates don't know...yes yes..we're lab rats.

I've seen renditions of it and thought it was just the running man with crazy arm movements and that's it!...I had no idea it was some kind of rave dance movement from Australia.  I just watched the 'Party Rock' video for the first time on Youtube and completely love the shuffle lol! I even recognize Hok from SYTYCD in the video so I know I'm still somewhat "cool".

I blame not having a TV ..seriously!

I watched this video below to learn how to do the Melbourne shuffle. My 2012 new year resolution is to um...shuffle more!

xxx Keiko

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