Tuesday, February 21, 2012

nykeiko eats: Long weekend foodism-Bistro Petit in Williamsburg

On Saturday, we stayed home and made some dumplings and noodles for a special guest who has been dyinggg to try my delicious cooking. Ok, maybe she just wanted to see our apartment for the first time but since it's my blog, I can write whatever I want. I was too busy cooking and forgot to take pictures...it looks just like any delicious dumplings and zha jiang mian dried noodles :) Modesty please....

On Sunday, a dear friend of Dave's treated all of his closest buddies in NY and by default, their loversss (me!), to a wonderful meal in a very very cozy French bistro (10 seaters!) in Williamsburg on 3rd street and Driggs. We were 6 people and practically took up the entire place but we also ordered almost everything on the menu including all of the evening's appetizer specials so it's fair game. The price is very attractive as well as their high quality ingredients.

This gem opened 3 months ago and is run by chef Sung Park who has served under many chefs including a well-known one, Jean Georges Vongerichten. His bio can be found on the website and spare me some copy pasting action.
Here are most things we ordered that night. There's actually one entree dish missing which was the Kim Chi bouillabaise.

Note: Go early or reservations are super highly recommended!!

The appetizers:

Special glazed and torched foie gras.

Al dente Truffle Mac N Cheese. I prefer a softer pasta and wasn't sure if I tasted much of the truffle..

The Chefs handmade pasta. This was a super flavorful Asian fusion dish.

Evening's special smoked mackerel appetizer. This was very nice.

Tuan's White and Rouge to pair with every dish..

String beans...I really liked the garlic..

A successful looking chef. Greasy messy hai

Now, the entrees:

Lamb Shank. The meat fell right off the bone.
Side order of Brussel sprouts

Organic grass fed beef

Wild mushroom Risotto with Truffle oil.

Angus beef burger

Order of pomme frites with housemade ketchup

And finally, dessert time:
House-made French doughnut: Lime, cinnamon and original flavor

Molten chocolate cake-super rich
And voila! Everything was eaten to the last morsel ...

Salivating much?
Not recommended for large parties (well, larger than 6) or risk being split or have no seats.

Alcoholics in W'burg:

There was some pre-dinner drinking including a Bourbon Whiskey bar called Post Office. Post-dinner drinking was at Dram where mixologists make some drinks based on your choices. My "something gin and something refreshing" was delish. I didnt enjoy it as much as I would like since I was already super sleepy from wine drinking during dinner time.


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  1. Non-hand pulled noodles were great!!
    Now you've made me want to check out Bistro Petit, looks amazing!