Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Jason Wu for Target picks..I'm ready!!! +Updates

Going to get my paws on these even if it means some lack of sleep and quick mouse clicking on the laptop at wee hours in the morning but it will be worth it! I know what I want and it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes! I'm so glad I found an online shopping partner crazy enough to wake up with me at 4 a.m. Yay Viv !
Everything is under $50 and it's limited edition obviously so I like!

Here are my picks: The long sleeve pink blouse $34.99 and lace clutch at $29.99
Jersey dress is $34.99. This dress would be great for Spring and look nice paired with a dark blazer or leather jacket. + the cat tote because it's ..a cat!
A closer look at the lace clutch which I can see paired with this pretty lace dress I have and other things I own so it's perfect.
Some looks to consider: I like big bags so this tote seems perfect but I'm not sure about this one yet..

From what I can see currently on ebay where items from the pre-launch party are being sold, there are some items that do not appear in the preview lookbook so there's probably more to look out for. Also, it seems that some pieces are only available online so I don't see why anyone would wake up at wee hours in the morning to head to Target and wait in line *Update: Now I know why. Not everything is online. Should have known!* I live in NY so I know it's going to be crazy out there. According to blogs I've read, last year's MissonixTarget in store sales, items were sold out within minutes! I am staying in the comfort of my own bed and going to hope that I can snag a few pieces before the site shuts down if Target's site will actually be brought down again by crazy shoppers. I hope I won't be disappointed with the items and they don't look too cheap...

Update Feb 5:
So, I got up at 4 a.m., logged on, and immediately learned that not everything is available online. Shouldn't they have mentioned that somewhere? Is that why everyone knew that going physically to Target was a better choice...oh well, I should have known.
Online, the items I wanted such as the pink blouse and cat tote were only available in-stores..actually, the pink blouses were available online but in L sizes. Some items such as the white blouse with black bow were available only online but sold out already. However, I got the jersey dress in S, the lace clutch and the canvas tote I was contemplating but got it since the other pieces were not available online. It's about noon now and there are about 5 pages of Jason Wu items now on ebay including several of the pink blouse! The items I bought are sold out online now so waking up was not totally a lost...just lost of sleep for me and poor bf. I snoozed the alarm and didn't shut it off and left the bedroom. The alarm rang again and woke him up :(

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