Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Jason Wu for Target pieces have arrived...and I'm returning most of it.

The straw tote bag looks good and is big and large which I like. It would look great at the beach or strut around with while summer shopping however, the material is made with PVC and also, I just really don't need another bag. I bought it out of impulse (can't think straight at 4 in the morning). because the kitty tote was not available unfortunately, this one is going back.

A Jason Wu tag adds a nice touch.

This black lace clutch. I liked it when I first saw it in the preview lookbook. It's slightly larger than I thought but the lace and feel of it is chic so it's a keeper, my only keeper! Inside. it has 2 zipper pockets, a divider and two pockets for cell phone or keys..definitely practical which is a bonus!

The jersey navy and red dress. I liked the sheer detailing on the sleeves and the dress which I didn't see on the website however this dress makes me look like a rectangle and adding a belt did not might be a little too big on me but it wasn't what I had in mind...oh well.

I was planning to sell the pieces that I didn't like or fit me on ebay but the website is flooded with the collection and no one is really snatching them up especially since the collection is still being re-stocked and available at Target or I'll just return them to give others a chance to snatch these and get a full refund..easy peasy! xx

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