Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Jewelmint Jewelmintsss...necklaces!

My Jewelmint necklaces from 2011...

This first piece is the Pomander pendant which is the piece I wear most often. You can open the ball and place a scented cotton with your fav perfume in it and there are holes which will let the scent ooze out throughout the day. I tried it once and it was nice but wasteful on expensive perfume! I tend to bang the ball everywhere especially when I sit down at my desk and the ball will bang on my table and open..I fear it will break one day actually.

This second piece is one of the first pieces I bought from Jewelmint, the Farrah necklace. I used to wear it more often but since it's a costume jewelry, it has this metal scent now which makes it no fun to wear anymore. Some of jewelmints jewelries are actually gold-plated, not this one.

The serpentine necklace, I have worn twice maybe because I don't think it looks very nice on me and looks too serious for my outfits. I'd have to wear it when I dress up more formally..like a shirt and blazer or something. It is seen here on Rosie Huntington..she's gorgeous of course.

Maybe I'll wear it like a bracelet!

Ill be showing my other pieces really soon ...

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  1. Ohhhh I love the idea of wearing it as a bracelet. I love the idea of the Pomander pendant, but totally understand the whole banging it around every time you move, pretty much why I don't wear bracelet.