Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sam Edelman on Gilt today!

There wasn't a bountiful amount of styles on Gilt's Sam Edelman sale today however I liked most of the shoes that were there which means,wearable.

The Sam Edelman Hampton Flats were leather and $59 (retail:$110) shown here below! Not too shabby. My or rose/taupe? I guess black goes with everything and I never really had black flats if you can believe it! In NY, it's best to get black shoes because your light colors will never stay clean especially if you stroll around the city a lot. Not a problem for socialites who cab it everywhere though ie not me!

These camel booties were so tempting and the studded boots are so "Williamsburg" but I left them out of the cart!
I need flats since my Torys have become completely unwearable as they pinch the heck out of me after an hour of wear (It wasn't bad when I first got them, what's going on?) and also, they have now appear too big? All flats I have ever bought "die" on me only after one season of wear due to unknown reasons..sure, sometimes it's the rain that ruin the leather, sometimes it's the sweat, sometimes it's just wear and tear from overuse but why can't they last more than one season of wear! I have tried expensive flats and cheap flats and in between so now, I just get whatever is on sale knowing they will not last. I think it's because I need to get more shoes so I can swithc between flats daily which will increase the life span of each shoes I own! That makes sense right? Will my bf understand this concept? Probably not. He thinks I have too many shoes already...has he never seen a real woman's closet. I really do think that my shoe collection is modest. Really!

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  1. I know what you mean about the Tory burch reva flats. I had a pair, the first summer I loved them, then it grew to a love hate relationship. On certain days I loved them, on other days I hated them cuz the elastic was digging into my skin. Now they are completely destroyed and I basically wear them when it rains. Have you tried the brand "Pretty ballerina"? They are my go to flats. I own 4 pairs, a little on the pricey side, but I swear by them.