Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day made me do it! Sweet tooth treats!

Lindt milk chocolate
It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and seeing all these chocolates and sweets being sold in stores has inspired me to create my own..ok not true. I have been wanting to re-create choco-covered gummies since I bought a pack from Miette in SF last year!... I thought it couldn't be that hard right? Melt chocolate and dip away! Sounds fun to me!So I hop into the nearest grocery store on my way home and buy two bars of Lindt and Ghirardellis milk chocolate, Ghirardelli's white chocolate chips, some fancy brand sugar free marshmallows, Haribou gummy bears and Snyder's pretzel sticks. I stopped myself from buying strawberries only because they were too expensive!

After dinner, I anxiously get the stove ready and start melting chocolate and dipping one gummy bear at a time hoping I can make them look all nice. That quickly became impossible as the chocolate was not consistently smooth and it was too time consuming to drip each bear to make sure the right layer of chocolate got on. I don't have that kind of time! As long as the bear is covered with chocolate, I am content. Dipping one bear at a time seem to take the fun out of the whole process so I threw a bunch of gummies in the pot and realized it was not a good idea as they started melting and make the chocolate gunky! So I was back to one bear at a time but switched it up with marshmellows and pretzels.When I was out of milk chocolate, I start adding white chocolate which made it a nice mocha color and slowly whiter and whiter as I used more white chocolate...I dipped gummies, marshmellows and pretzels...also my fingers, hair and face..chocolate was everywhere!

 It took me more than an hour to finish all the chocolate and dipping and had Dave finished off (by licking the spoon) so I could go shower.

Bear goes skinny dipping!

Drying out in the sun..

After Lindt, I melt the Ghirardelli chocolate and dip more gummies and mashmellows
Time to add the white chocolate
Doesn't look so appetizing...the chocolate is not as gooey as I'd like..

I finally got the hang of it and the pretzel began to look more appetizing ..

d caption
Let cool for an hour or so and pack away...To be honest, I only had a couple of gummies and that's it! I was actually too tired to enjoy it...I hope others will :)

Final packaging..


  Happy Valentine's Day y'all. What will you be doing for Vday?

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