Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My new glow- NARS' The Multiple in G-spot

This would be my second color from NARS after using the same blush in Orgasm for more than 5-6 years which I got off ebay before Nars sold at Holts in Montreal? Yea, I know, gross. I should have thrown it out after 12 months as suggested by the company but who does that? For me, my make up can last me forever. I don't think I ever finished a tube of anything. I'm actually still not finished with my blush and probably have more than half of the content left but it's time to let it go. It's not like I have other blushes I alternate with since this is my ONLY blush and I use it every time i make an effort to put on some make up. You just don't need much of it in the first place I guess for that natural flush glow.

 I decided to get G-spot because I read about how amazing it looks on darker skins and not too shimmery and just a bit darker than Orgasm.

 Although I love Orgasm (!! dirty), it's been more than 6 years I've had it and I wanted to absolutely try something different. The Multiple can be used for your eyes, body, lips and wherever you want some shimmery pink goodness which I don't really care for. If they had a blush compact in G-spot, I'd get that instead but they didn't.

Bonus: I paid for this (retail $39USD) with an Amazon gift card I got from exchanging points accumulated on my credit card. Free!

Bonus! This was paid for with my Amazon gift card from exchanging points towards a $50 gift card!

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