Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When I hit 30...this shall be mine..

Cartier Tank watch- It's a sign! It has my birthstone on the knob!

Mmm. Maybe 35. 40? 50? Never? The cost of this baby will take me a decade to save up for.....maybe a nice birthday gift to myself when I'm 50? It even has my birth stone on the knob-sapphire!

Yea, it wouldn't be right for me to wear such a famed expensivo watch right now however, if I got this watch, it should last me a lifetime right? Can it be a heirloom-18K gold? Will the leather strap even survive the test of time or abuse by me? I'm pretty rough with my stuff ..expensive or not. Just ask my iPhone. But at this price, it should magically ward off scratches, damages, thieves...for life!

If it's something I'm going to wear daily from day to night, I must love it! So I've decided not to settle for less and just wait, wait for the right time to get the right watch and be..on time (teehee)! I really do not like taking my phone out 100 times a day to check on the time as I constantly need to work on experiments, attend seminars or meetings. Even though many people I know don't own watches, it's just good to have one n'est ce pas?

A couple of years ago, I picked a Seiko watch vaguely similar to this style but it did not survive longer than two years which is expected for a watch that cost me (my mom) less than $100? Before that, I hadn't had a watch since early high school because I was particularly picky about what I'm going to put on my wrist on a daily basis. I almost purchased a TAG Heuer watch but couldn't find the exact model and style I wanted and waited season after season for them and then just gave up.. and now, I don't think TAG suits me anymore. The models I was looking at averaged under $1300-$1500 which is still a substantial amount for a watch.

For now, the Cartier Tank watch is nice to look at and for me to dream about finding a $9000 "bill" to buy this $8900 watch. It's so simple and a casual classic. Look how beautifully it is worm by Jackie O and Angelina Jolie..it also helps that they are sophisticated confident women as well.

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