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nykeiko eats: Another weekend full of feasting- Williamsburg's Smorgasburg, ISA and Pies and Thighs

We had gorgeous weather for Easter weekend and it was also the first weekend Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg resurged from a long winter's hibernation and we did not want to miss it ! Smorgasburg had all these new food vendors that we didn't see last year and the area in general looks more organized especially with the new recycling and waste bins placed all around the venue! I scarfed down a big hot dog from Meat Hook for $5 and it was delicious. My sister had the one with cheese in it which cost $5 but was suppose to be $6. We had the usual Blue Bottle coffee and tried a couple of new things like overpriced 'Smores'..I had Greek feta cheese salad and Dave had this pulled pork type bun from a vendor I don't remember.

Sorry we didn't take any picture of uneaten, untouched food. we were just too hungry and I only thought of taking the picture once we bite into it. If it wasn't good, I don't usually want to take a picture so biting comes first most of the time unless it's pretty.
Bruleed Smores

Once we filled out tummies with goodies, we headed to Soho for my sister to take advantage of NY shopping and no taxes on clothes below $110. We also checked out the new Georgetown Cupcakes from DC that just moved into Soho. There was a long line so we just took a peek and continued shopping.

Sis end up contemplating between two trench coats. One from Banana Republish which I liked alot and another from Michael Kors which suited her but we both agreed the color was not as nice. She opt for the Michael Kors which was a more casual look and a hat, useful for rainy days. Both coats were Made in Vietnam and water resistant and close in pricing too.

Lady-like Banana Republic trench

Michael Kors- lovely on her!

 I was looking for bright jeans and loved the orange skinnies I tried on at Rag and Bone but was not sure about forking out $176 for a pair of seasonal colored jeans. Still thinking about them though and they were really comfy and stretchy!

Four hours of Soho-ness later where I was well-behaved and only bought a rose bath bomb from Lush, we headed hungrily back to Williamsburg for dinner at ISA.

I made the reservations through Open Table and made a special request for getting seats with a view of the kitchen. At ISA, all the food is prepared in front of the restaurant and nothing is prepared in the back so we can't see waiters or chefs spit in our food if we became demanding.

The menu was small and original. A tasting menu was also available.
 There were only two main entrees to pick from.

Dave ordered a thyme cocktail
Apetizers were delicious and original!
Fresh calmari with ink

Fresh raw scallops with kumquats and ice

Beef tartare, sunchoke and flax and cremefraiche

Duck liver and heart with sweet potato,  onion and 'dirt' which was coffee grind 

inky leftovers
The mains:
Pork loin main entree with baby beets, pasnip and green onion

Fresh Mackerel with  celeriac

Out tummies were nicely filled but we definitely saved place for dessert and  so we headed to Pies N' Thighs for some pies and ice cream. Obviously, when we got there, Mel had to try their famous fried chicken and I was craving Mac N cheese so... we got just that plus a donut, deep fried caramel pie and ice cream from home! It was dinner #2 I guess.

Homemade donuts and pies

Comfort food! This is why it's a top fav resto in Williamsburg

The next day, Dave and I returned to Pies N Thighs where I had the big bowl of salad to offset the food we had the night before but Dave choose the buttery and greasy fried chicken biscuit which is also very good. Oh, and we also got a free rich chocolate donut because our waiter is awesome.

Big salad for $10
This donut tasted more like cake and was super rich in chocolate flavor!

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