Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Comptoir des Contonniers sample sale [ny Sample Sale] haul

The boy is out hangin' with his boys on a Tuesday night which gives me the time to look over my purchases from the Comptoir des Cotonniers sample sale.

I have never heard of this French brand before I moved to NY but there are a couple of stores in New York and inside Bloomingdale's. Their stuff is clean, well-designed, wearable all around and perfect for the casual earthy classic loving ladies. This is their first ever sample sale in NY and it promised to be full of merchandise but not super cheap therefore I was not too interested because I know the prices are not low to begin with. At first, I wasn't interested in checking out the sale because Comptoir des contonniers carries alot of these really earthy tones (green, mocha, taupe, brown, beige etc.) which I don't really like on me. Although sometimes they have these pieces that I love (especially the accessories and bags) but the prices are not to my liking even with in-store sales.

But when I read from Rackedny blog about the additional 30% off sale items at the sale, and most things were under $65, I decided to take a look and maybe find a couple of brighter colors for Spring and Summer.

Here is what I got and I think they are not so bad at all. I put back on the rack all the black and gray pieces as I have promised myself NOT to buy anymore black or gray for the rest of the year. Boy there were some nice dark blazers and dress shorts at the sale.

Cobalt blue tights for $7 (originally at $25). Floral short/skirt at $25 (Originally marked at $125) and a shimmery 100% linen top for $11 (originally $95). Not bad right?

These were taken from my phone so the color is a little bit distorted.

I think they made a mistake with the price for the top. They should have charged $46 as $11 was only for basic cotton tops. Oh well!
I'm excited to add floral pattern to my closet as I never wore floral in my life!

After thinking I got an amazing deal and spending only $53 on three items of clothing, I end up spending $23 on 12 pieces of studs from a store next door selling wholesale studs, buttons, chains and accessories. Hopefully, this will be enough to complete my DIY clutch for once and for all and debut it for Summer 2012!

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