Monday, April 16, 2012

I like these Rag and Bone orange skinny jeans!

These are the skinny jeans I have been contemplating to buy. I tried them on twice now and liked them both times. They are $176 USD each and I just can't get myself to spend that money now on jeans. However, on Piperlime, theres a 20% off sale going on but my size is gone and it hasn't been there for the past week. I also have this 15% discount for first time buyers which I would like to use for these jeans but can't!! They are super stretchy and comfy, super bright and original, and for the first time, I'd own a pair of jeans that are neither in variations of blue or black! Should I spend full price on seasonal colored jeans? I can see myself wear this until Fall paired with white tee and black blazer.

Update 5/8/12: They are now $122.50 on Piperlime!

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