Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jewelmint's Thanks a Million Giveaway: Fan Favorites picture!

My picture (below) was selected along with 74 other Jewelmint fan pictures ever shared on JM facebook page to celebrate having over a million fans on FB. My picture actually got some random people liking it and commenting which is nice but weird. I am glad I wore my sunglasses and half recognizable! I know I know, I should know that placing my pictures in public eye would come to these awkward moments.

I took this picture on the Brooklyn Bridge if it wasn't already obvious enough. I was actually filming a short video montage that day dedicated to a friend and took some poser picture afterwards cuz' I was all made-up and curled my hair that day. I happen to wear the JM Farrah necklace so it was a perfect to share.

I submitted this picture last year for a Jewelmint contest of fans wearing their jewelry. Although I did not win at the time, it is nice that they kept the pictures and selected some to create this Fan Favorites album! They also allow their FB fans to 'like' and 'comment' on the pictures in the album for a chance to win some free Jewelmint pieces.  As for me, I can tag myself and email them about a special promo code for having a picture being selected. Yay! I wrote them today but have not heard back to find out what's the promo code. I hope it's free stuff! I actually haven't bought a piece of jewelry for a long time!

I should have submitted this picture below of me wearing their famous, most popular 'Versailles' earrings during Halloween and so sure I would get more than 100 'likes'.  Maybe next time!

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