Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Laundress- Hand washing my clothes just got more pleasant for realz!

Maybe some of you have heard of The Laundress or none of you but anyway, I have read about it in numerous websites including Refinery29, Daily Candy and Who What Wear. They are not cheap products (example: Those 16 oz bottle for washing are $19 each! That's a nice sushi combo deluxe somewhere..) so when Refinery29's Reserve had a deal going on for- Pay $50 to get $100 worth of The Laundress products, I immediately took advantage of the deal to try out the stuff at half the price if I buy $100 in products that is. I'm an avid hand washing person but without the right products, detergents like Tide really dries out your hand and loaded with chemicals that are difficult to rinse off and would not be good for your intimates such as bras and undies. I actually had this wash powder for delicates I bought from 'La Vie en Rose' - a lingerie store- back in Montreal but it turned as hard as rock a while back and I spend 5 minutes scraping powder before washing. ..not fun! I've had it for more than 3 years!

I got 5 types of products from The Laundress website:

Fabric wash: I guess it is like Febreeze but without the generic clean smell and without any harmful chemicals. I will use it to spray our couch which we can't put in the washer unfortunately but needs to be cleaned!

Sweater Stone: Takes the pricklies (piling) from sweaters and stuff that need de-piling. I didn't try it yet but I have a couple of sweaters that need it.

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo: I got to try it out on not one but three of my cashmere/wool/silk mix cardigans and by following their video instructions, the results were great. It made my cashmeres so soft and smelling good (Cedar scent). This will definitely help save me some money on dry cleaning bills which is ridiculously expensive in NY. So $19 is not so bad after all!
I will only send it to the dry cleaner when it's a precious item i.e. designer or it has become too filthy i.e. worn too many times to justify the cost of dry cleaning.I would recommend the Wool and Cashmere shampoo to save yourself money on dry cleaning and also save yourself and your clothes from those harmful chemicals used during Dry cleaning. In fact, the shampoo states that it helps get rid of toxic chemicals such as PERC which is used in dry cleaning. It will work on Down, meriono, angora etc.

Delicate Wash: I got two of these. Perfect for my bras and panties especially since all my panties are 100% silk. My mom got about a dozen pair for me when I visit. Delicate wash is formulated to remove perspiration, body oils and stains! It's also good for those delicate tops and dresses!

Wash and Stain bar: this one is more for the bf's shirt collars but I tried it on one of my shirts too that had these stains I could not remove even with those harsh sprays. Maybe the stains have been there for too long but I still managed to remove most of it with the help of a toothbrush.

They are a company from NY but due to high popularity, they also sell outside of NY, just go on their website to find store locations near you. They also have a large line of home cleaning products and more specialty products for laundry like swim wear, whites, darks, denims, baby and more! Definitely worth considering!

Happy washing!


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